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v_son_sayian's Journal

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1st November 2011

11:53pm: Sabriel B-day Challenge
Title:  Bus for mithrel
Artist: v_son_sayian
Rating: general
Pairing and/or Characters: Sam, Gabriel, Cas, Sabriel (if you squint)
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Format Type: sketches/ comic
Size/Length: 2 pieces, 519 x 379, 483 x 308 and then below some really big size so you can see the writing.
Notes: Happy Birthday mithrel ! I'm terribly slow, but this is for your wonderful AU prompt about Sam meeting a stranger on a bus, who he get used to chatting with and has to track down when he doesn't see him for a few days.  This was done for the sabriel_bday. I tried to actually resize so it's not huge (which I then changed my mind on). I hope someone actually writes this fic sometime, so I kept it pretty general (however, I did make up my own plot for it, so I could draw something with some movement). Pretty much Sam finds out from the bus driver which stop is Gabe's, and then he goes around trying to find where he works. After he fails miserably, he runs into Cas, who after talking to Sam discovers that Sam's talking about one of his relatives.

art belowCollapse )

27th October 2011

12:10pm: Sabriel Mini-bang
This is my second post for the sabriel_mini, the artwork below is for I'm Never Gonna Give you up by theblackrose16. The first is literally the beginning. The collage actually started as doodles to get away from drawing all the angst in the first pic (also my favorite part of the story is all those little moments). Last is a sketch from the ferris wheel which I couldn't have done without the reference pictures that my author found for me (credit also goes to The OC for their pictures). She also made the icons and cd covers included at the bottom.

13th October 2011

10:03pm: Sabriel Mini-bang
Here is my artwork for Stellawind's Importance of Truth, which is part of the Sabriel mini-bang.  Hopefully, this looks alright--technology is not my friend right now. The first one is inspired by all the lovely photo manipulations I've been seeing and the line "It wasn't a glass coffin...".  In the second I was trying to capture all the emotions and movement that happens so fast.

14th May 2008

2:20pm: In Honor of Nicholas "Mouse" Birkett

As several people know, my mom works at the Dupage County Buildings with Joe Birkett, and excessively worries about me and my siblings. So upon hearing the news about someone a lot of  us know (or know of), I felt compelled to share. Mouse finally got arrested for smoking pot. My mom told me it was a big embarrassment to his dad (the part meant to guilt me into never going within a 10 mile radius of any drugs) and that it was also on t.v last night. The part that shocked me was that two other men were arrested with him in an apartment in Naperville. ( I was worried that it was Fritzy and Circa for a second, until my mom told me that it was two guys with short, dark hair).  She said that they all denied that the pot was theirs and that Mouse has been charged with a misdeameanor, and considering that he works at the County buildings, he most likely just got fired as well.

I also managed to find some articles about it




19th December 2007

9:11pm: untitled
blood down my thigh
tears in my eyes
dumb enough to believe lies
why should I try
I'm only going to cry

weak in the soul
the devil knows
bright burns my passion
this is my last lesson
I can't believe 
because it won't relieve

the pain inside
tears in my eyes
it's only lies
it's only lies

the candle burns bright
why can't I fight
I don't have the might
stuck in this phase
a disgrace to how I've been raised

there's only tears in my eyes
making me cry
millions of lies
watching me die

1st October 2006

8:40pm: The first of the month
Current Mood: mixed

1st September 2006

3:24pm: The first
Current Mood: excited

13th July 2006

2:52pm: camping <3
Current Mood: mixed

13th June 2006

3:30pm: none
^^ I love this vid

Current Mood: amused

1st June 2006

4:02pm: 1st of the month
Current Mood: mixed

1st April 2006

12:39pm: 1st of the month
Current Mood: apathetic
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